Dropshipping Workshop (Physical)

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  • Web Design Mastery
  • Dropshipping Fundamentals
  • Digital Marketing Expertise
  • Advanced WordPress & Shopify


Dropshipping Course Outline

This is what you will learn on the workshop

Week 1: Introduction to Web Design

Session 1: Getting Started with WordPress/Shopify
– Setting up a WordPress/Shopify website: Hosting and Domain
– Navigating the WordPress/Shopify dashboard
– Installing and activating themes

Session 2: Creating Content and Customization
– Creating and managing pages and posts
– Introduction to HTML and CSS for WordPress/Shopify customization
– Customizing themes and layouts

Session 3: SEO and Optimization Basics
– Basic SEO principles for web development
– Optimizing images and media
– Understanding website performance and speed optimization

Week 2: Dropshipping Fundamentals

Session 1: Getting Started with Dropshipping
– Understanding dropshipping: What it is and how it works
– Selecting a niche and profitable products
– Finding reliable suppliers and setting up relationships

Session 2: Setting Up Your Online Store
– Setting up an online store with WooCommerce or Shopify
– Adding products and creating product listings
– Managing inventory and order fulfillment

Session 3: Store Optimization and Marketing
– Optimizing product listings for conversions
– Implementing trust signals and customer reviews
– Introduction to social media marketing for dropshipping

Week 3: Digital Marketing Strategies

Session 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing Channels
– Overview of digital marketing channels: SEO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing
– Creating a content strategy for your website/blog
– Social media marketing and engagement

Session 2: SEO and SEM Essentials
– Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques
– Introduction to pay-per-click advertising (Google Ads)
– Keyword research and targeting

Session 3: Email Marketing and Lead Generation
– Setting up and managing email marketing campaigns
– Building effective lead generation forms
– Nurturing leads and creating automated email sequences

Week 4: E-commerce Analytics and Conversion Optimization

Session 1: Introduction to Analytics
– Setting up Google Analytics for your website
– Understanding key metrics and tracking user behavior
– Analyzing website traffic and identifying trends

Session 2: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
– Importance of CRO for e-commerce websites
– A/B testing and split testing for website elements
– Optimizing checkout process and reducing cart abandonment

Session 3: Retargeting and Remarketing
– Implementing retargeting strategies for abandoned carts
– Creating effective remarketing campaigns
– Using dynamic ads to re-engage potential customers

Week 5: WordPress/Shopify Customization and Advanced Features

Session 1: Advanced Theme Customization
– Creating child themes for customization
– Modifying theme files and templates
– Adding custom CSS and JavaScript to your WordPress/Shopify site

Session 2: Enhancing Functionality with Plugins
– Installing and configuring essential plugins for e-commerce
– Utilizing plugins for SEO, security, and performance optimization
– Integrating payment gateways and other third-party services

Session 3: Website Security and Performance Optimization
– Securing your WordPress/Shopify website with security plugins
– Implementing SSL certificates for secure transactions
– Website performance optimization: Caching, CDN, and speed improvements

Week 6: Content Creation and Marketing

Session 1: Crafting Compelling Content
– Creating engaging and relevant content for your target audience
– Optimizing blog posts for SEO and user engagement
– Using visuals to enhance content: Images, videos, infographics

Session 2: Landing Pages and Lead Generation
– Designing effective landing pages for specific products or offers
– Creating compelling call-to-actions (CTAs)
– Implementing lead generation forms and pop-ups

Session 3: Guest Posting and Influencer Collaborations
– Leveraging guest posting for backlinks and exposure
– Building relationships with influencers for brand promotion
– Managing partnerships and collaborations for mutual benefit

Week 7: Social Media Advertising and Remarketing

Session 1: Facebook and Instagram Advertising
– Creating effective ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram
– Defining target audiences and ad objectives
– Monitoring and optimizing ad performance

Session 2: Ad Copy and Creatives
– Crafting compelling ad copy and visuals
– Designing eye-catching ad creatives
– A/B testing different ad elements for better results

Session 3: Remarketing Strategies
– Setting up retargeting campaigns on social media platforms
– Customizing remarketing ads based on user behavior
– Using data analysis to refine and improve remarketing efforts

Week 8: Final Project

Session 1: Developing a Comprehensive Marketing Plan
– Integrating digital marketing strategies into a cohesive plan
– Incorporating dropshipping tactics for product promotion
– Setting measurable goals and objectives for the project

Session 2: WordPress/Shopify Website Customization
– Applying advanced customization techniques to the website
– Showcasing the integration of marketing elements on the website
– Fine-tuning user experience and engagement features

Session 3: Presenting Digital Marketing Success
– Analyzing data and presenting the impact of digital marketing efforts
– Showcasing dropshipping results and revenue generated
– Sharing insights and lessons learned from the workshop


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