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Digital Marketing Agency

Welcome to the Digital Marketing Agency Mastery

Get to learn about Digital  Marketing Agency as a business model and start earning from it today! 

Equipped with the knowledge and skills required to run a successful and advanced digital marketing agency.

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There are two main classes

1. Online Classes – Ksh 10,000/=
2. Physical Classes – Ksh 20,000/=

You can pay in three ways

Online Classes
1. First Half Workshop – Ksh 7,000/=
2. Second Half Workshop – Ksh 5,000/=
3. Full Workshop – Ksh 10,000/=

Physical Classes
1. First Half Workshop – Ksh 13,000/=
2. Second Half Workshop – Ksh 10,000/=
3. Full Workshop – Ksh 20,000/=

Note: Physical Classes are only available in Nairobi


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    Digital Marketing Agency Course Outline

    This is what you will learn on the workshop

    Week 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing And Agency Setup

    Session 1: Digital Marketing Fundamentals

    1. Introduction to digital marketing

    2. Setting goals and KPIs

    3. Key digital marketing channels

    Session 2: Niche Selection and Business Setup

    1. Identifying a profitable niche

    2. Business plan development

    3. Legal and financial considerations

    Session 3: Building Your Agency Website with WordPress

    1. Selecting the right domain and hosting

    2. WordPress installation and setup

    3. Website design and customization

    4. Basic SEO for the website

    Week 2: Core Digital Marketing Strategies

    Session 4: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    1. On-page and off-page SEO

    2. Keyword research and optimization

    3. SEO best practices

    Session 5: Content Marketing

    1. Content strategy and planning

    2. High-quality content creation

    3. Content distribution and promotion

    Session 6: Social Media Marketing

    1. Social media platforms and their audiences

    2. Content creation and scheduling

    3. Social media advertising

    Week 3: Advertising and Analytics

    Session 7: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising with Google Ads

    1. Introduction to PPC advertising

    2. Creating Google Ads campaigns

    3. Keyword targeting and bidding strategies

    4. Ad performance tracking

    Session 8: Facebook Advertising

    1. Setting up Facebook Ads

    2. Targeting options and ad creatives

    3. Budget management and campaign optimization

    4. Facebook Ads analytics

    Session 9: Email Marketing and Automation

    1. Building an email list

    2. Email campaign creation

    3. Automation and segmentation

    4. Measuring email marketing success

    Week 4: Advanced Strategies and Specializations

    Session 10: Advanced SEO and Link Building

    1. Advanced SEO techniques

    2. Link-building strategies

    3. SEO audits and analysis

    4. Staying updated with SEO trends

    Session 11: Content Marketing Mastery

    1. Content marketing strategies

    2. Creating valuable and engaging content

    3. Content distribution and outreach

    4. Content performance tracking

    Session 12: Client Acquisition and Sales Techniques

    1. Sales strategies for digital marketing services

    2. Crafting compelling proposals

    3. Client onboarding and expectations

    4. Closing deals and negotiation

    Week 5: Website Development and Design (Advanced WordPress)

    Session 13: Advanced WordPress Development

    1. Customizing WordPress themes

    2. Integrating essential plugins

    3. E-commerce setup and optimization

    4. Website security and performance

    Session 14: Social Media Advertising on Multiple Platforms

    1. Instagram Ads and Twitter Ads

    2. LinkedIn Ads and Pinterest Ads

    3. Social media ad strategy

    4. Measuring social media ad success

    Session 15: Emerging Trends and Future of Digital Marketing

    1. AI and machine learning in marketing

    2. Voice search and smart devices

    3. Preparing for the future of digital marketing

    Week 6: Client Management and Scaling Your Agency

    Session 16: Client Retention and Upselling

    1. Retaining clients and upselling

    2. Handling client feedback and challenges

    3. Effective client communication

    Session 17: Scaling Your Digital Marketing Agency

    1. Hiring and team management

    2. Workflow optimization

    3. Tools for project management and collaboration

    4. Preparing for agency growth

    Session 18: Legal Considerations and Agency Policies

    1. Contracts and agreements

    2. Intellectual property and legal compliance

    3. Data privacy and security

    4. Agency policies and procedures

    Week 7: Final Project

    Session 19: Final Project Presentation

    1. Students present their digital marketing agency plans and campaigns

    2. Peer review and feedback

    Session 20: Marketing Ethics and Responsibility

    1. Ethical considerations in digital marketing

    2. Social responsibility and impact

    3. Marketing in a diverse and inclusive world

    Thank you for Registering!