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Data Entry

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There are two main classes

1. Online Classes – Ksh 3,500/=
2. Physical Classes – Ksh 7,500/=

Note: Physical Classes are only available in Nairobi


Business no. – 600100
Account no. – 0100007332259

Stanbic Bank

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    Data Entry Course Outline

    This is what you will learn on the workshop

    Week 1: Mastering Data Entry Skills

    Session 1: Keyboarding and Typing Techniques

    – Improving typing speed and accuracy

    – Learning essential keyboard shortcuts for efficiency

    Session 2: Data Entry Software Proficiency

    – Hands-on training with popular data entry software tools

    – Techniques for data verification and accuracy checks

    Session 3: Advanced Data Entry Techniques

    – Handling complex data entry tasks with precision

    – Strategies for error detection and correction to ensure data integrity

    Week 2: Remote Work Communication and Productivity

    Session 1: Effective Communication in a Remote Setting

    – Developing clear and concise communication skills for remote collaboration

    – Strategies for virtual teamwork and building relationships with remote colleagues

    Session 2: Time Management and Productivity Strategies

    – Effective time management techniques for remote workers

    – Strategies to stay focused and productive while working remotely

    Session 3: Maintaining Remote Job Success

    – Tips for work-life balance and avoiding burnout in a remote setting

    – Strategies for continuous learning and skill improvement to excel in remote data entry roles

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