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There are two main classes

1. Online Classes – Ksh 15,000 
2. Physical Classes – Ksh 30,000/=

You can pay in three ways

Online Classes
1. First Half Workshop – Ksh 10,000/=
2. Second Half Workshop – Ksh 7,000/=
3. Full Workshop – Ksh 15,000/=

Physical Classes
1. First Half Workshop – Ksh 20,000/=
2. Second Half Workshop – Ksh 13,000/=
3. Full Workshop – Ksh 30,000/=

Note: Physical Classes are only available in Nairobi


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    Data Analytics Course Outline

    This is what you will learn on the workshop

    Week 1: Introduction to Data Analytics

    Session 1: Overview of Data Analytics

    1. Introduction to Data Analytics

    2. Importance of Data Analytics in various industries

    3. Types of data and their characteristics

    Session 2: Basics of Excel for Data Analytics

    1. Introduction to Excel for data analysis

    2. Data importing, sorting, and filtering

    3. Basic functions (SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, etc.)

    Session 3: Data Visualization with Excel

    1. Introduction to data visualization in Excel

    2. Creating charts and graphs

    3. Visual representation of data trends

    Week 2: Data Cleaning and Preparation

    Session 4: Data Cleaning Techniques

    1. Importance of data cleaning

    2. Identifying and handling missing data

    3. Removing duplicates and inconsistencies

    Session 5: Data Preparation in Excel

    1. Data formatting and transformation

    2. Data validation and error handling

    3. Introduction to pivot tables for data summarization

    Session 6: Project: Data Cleaning and Preparation in Excel

    1. Apply data cleaning and preparation techniques on real datasets

    Week 3: Introduction to SQL

    Session 7: Introduction to Databases and SQL

    1. Basics of databases and SQL

    2. Understanding tables, rows, and columns

    3. SQL syntax (SELECT, WHERE, GROUP BY, etc.)

    Session 8: Querying Data using SQL

    1. Writing basic SQL queries

    2. Filtering and sorting data

    3. Joining tables for data retrieval

    Session 9: Project: SQL Data Querying

    1. Practice SQL queries on sample databases

    Week 4: Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

    Session 10: Exploratory Data Analysis Concepts

    1. Importance of EDA in Data Analytics

    2. Statistical summary of data

    3. Data visualization for EDA using Excel

    Session 11: EDA with Visualization Tools

    1. Introduction to visualization tools (Tableau, Power BI)

    2. Creating interactive visualizations for EDA

    3. Analyzing data patterns and relationships

    Session 12: Project: Exploratory Data Analysis

    1. Perform EDA on datasets using visualization tools

    Week 5: Introduction to Statistical Analysis

    Session 13: Basic Statistical Concepts

    1. Overview of statistical analysis

    2. Measures of central tendency and dispersion

    3. Probability distributions

    Session 14: Hypothesis Testing

    1. Introduction to hypothesis testing

    2. Types of tests (t-test, chi-square, etc.)

    3. Conducting hypothesis tests in Excel

    Session 15: Project: Basic Statistical Analysis in Excel

    1. Apply basic statistical tests on datasets in Excel

    Week 6: Data Analytics Techniques

    Session 16: Regression Analysis

    1. Introduction to regression analysis

    2. Linear regression in Excel

    3. Interpretation of regression results

    Session 17: Classification Techniques

    1. Basics of classification

    2. Introduction to decision trees

    3, Implementing classification algorithms in Excel

    Session 18: Project: Regression and Classification in Excel

    1. Apply regression and classification techniques on sample datasets

    Week 7: Advanced Data Analytics

    Session 19: Time Series Analysis

    1. Understanding time series data

    2. Time series visualization in Excel

    3. Forecasting using time series data

    Session 20: Clustering and Segmentation

    1. Introduction to clustering algorithms

    2. K-means clustering in Excel

    3. Segmenting data for analysis

    Session 21: Project: Time Series Analysis and Clustering

    1. Apply time series analysis and clustering techniques on datasets

    Week 8: Capstone Project and Conclusion

    Session 22: Capstone Project

    1. Work on a comprehensive data analytics project

    2. Apply all learned concepts and techniques

    Session 23: Project Presentation

    1. Present the capstone project findings

    2. Review key concepts and takeaways

    3. Next steps in Data Analytics

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