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Get ready to learn and improve your marketing skills and how you can start earning from it.

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There are two main classes

1. Online Classes – Ksh 6,000/=
2. Physical Classes – Ksh 12,000/=

You can pay in three ways

Online Classes
1. First Half Workshop – Ksh 3,000/=
2. Second Half Workshop – Ksh 3,500/=
3. Full Workshop – Ksh 6,000/=

Physical Classes
1. First Half Workshop – Ksh 8,000/=
2. Second Half Workshop – Ksh 5,000/=
3. Full Workshop – Ksh 12,000/=

Note: Physical Classes are only available in Nairobi


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    Affiliate Marketing Course Outline

    This is what you will learn on the workshop

    Week 1: Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals & Website Basics

    Session 1: Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

    1. Defining affiliate marketing and its significance

    2. Exploring affiliate ecosystem components: affiliates, merchants, consumers

    3. Overview of various affiliate marketing models

    Session 2: Identifying Profitable Niches & Affiliate Programs

    1. Researching profitable niches and products

    2. Evaluating affiliate programs and networks

    3. Understanding target audience needs and preferences

    Session 3: Introduction to WordPress for Web Design

    1. Basics of website hosting and domain registration

    2. Understanding WordPress as a website building platform

    3. Setting up a WordPress site: installation, configuration, essential settings

    Week 2: Creating Content, Driving Traffic & Conversion Techniques

    Session 4: Crafting Content for Affiliate Sites

    1. Writing engaging content tailored for affiliate marketing

    2. Effective use of affiliate links within content

    3.Utilizing multimedia (images, videos) to enhance engagement

    Session 5: Driving Traffic to Affiliate Offers

    1. SEO essentials for affiliate sites

    2. Leveraging social media and email marketing for traffic

    3. Building audience engagement and nurturing strategies

    Session 6: Conversion Optimization and Analytics

    1. Implementing strategies for better affiliate conversions

    2. Tracking performance metrics using WordPress analytics tools

    3. A/B testing and optimizing for improved conversions

    Week 3: Advanced Web Design Strategies & Scaling

    Session 7: Advanced WordPress Web Design

    1. Customizing WordPress themes and layouts

    2. Enhancing user experience through design and functionality

    3. Introduction to essential plugins for affiliate sites

    Session 8: Scaling and Monetizing the Affiliate Website

    1. Automation tools and processes for scaling affiliate campaigns

    2. Monetization beyond affiliate marketing (ads, sponsored content)

    3. Building a sustainable and scalable affiliate business model

    Session 9: Review, Q&A, and Future Steps

    1. Recap of key course takeaways in affiliate marketing and web design

    2. Addressing final questions and providing additional resources

    3. Guidance for continued growth in affiliate marketing and WordPress web design

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