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There two main classes

1. Online Classes – Ksh 7,500/=
2. Physical Classes – Ksh 15,000/=

Online Classes
1. First Half Workshop – Ksh 5,000/=
2. Second Half Workshop – Ksh 3,000/=
3. Full Workshop – Ksh 7,500/=

Physical Classes
1. First Half Workshop – Ksh 10,000/=
2. Second Half Workshop – Ksh 6,000/=
3. Full Workshop – Ksh 15,000/=

Note: Physical Classes are only available in Nairobi


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    Logo Designing With Adobe Illustator Course Outline

    This is what you will learn on the workshop

    Week 1:Foundations of Logo Design and Adobe Illustrator Basics

    Session 1: Introduction to Logos and Historical Context

    Explore the importance of logos and their historical evolution.

    Session 2: Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals

    Navigate the Illustrator interface, tools, and basic design principles.

    Session 3: Mastering Layers and Artboards

    Learn to efficiently use layers and artboards in logo design.

    Week 2: Design Principles, Color Theory, and Initial Ideation

    Session 1: Fundamentals of Design Principles

    Understand key design principles for effective logos.

    Session 2: Applying Color Theory to Logos

    Explore the impact of color choices in logo design.

    Session 3: Typography Essentials and Initial Ideation

    Dive into the role of typography and generate initial design concepts.

    Week 3: Logo Creation Process and Advanced Illustrator Techniques

    Session 1: Step-by-Step Logo Creation

    Follow a structured guide for creating logos in Illustrator.

    Session 2: Vector Graphics Essentials and Manipulating Shapes

    Understand vector graphics and manipulate shapes effectively.

    Session 3: Gradients, Textures, and Refinement

    Explore advanced techniques using gradients, and textures, and refine designs.

    Week 4: Presentation, Feedback, and Final Portfolio Development

    Session 1: Crafting Professional Presentations

    Develop skills to create compelling presentations for logos.

    Session 2: Mockups and Client Interaction

    Utilize mockups effectively for client presentations and gather feedback.

    Session 3: Final Project and Online Portfolio

    Work on a final project, present it professionally, and build an online portfolio.

    Course Materials

    1. Adobe Illustrator Software Access

    By the end of the master class, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to confidently design logos using Adobe Illustrator. You will have practical experience, a portfolio-ready project, and a strong foundation to continue advancing their expertise in logo design.

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